ELTE Institute of East Asian Studies

1088 Budapest Múzeum krt. 4/F


Student Council

The student council is primarily concerned with the representation of students’ interest (issues such as questions about studies, compensation and benefits, etc.). The student representatives of the Institute of East Asian Studies have monthly meetings where they discuss current issues and tasks of the different majors and/or Departments. Representatives are also involved in organizing various services and events for students. One such program is, for example, the ”East Asian Cultural Days” at the end of the fall semester, where students and lecturers give presentations on topics such as their research fields or their experiences abroad. Among our specialized programs, we have outstanding ones such as the Japanese-Hungarian Christmas or the Japanese-Hungarian Picnic held every spring since 2013. The purpose of both events is to develop the communication skills of the students, and to practice Japanese language in an informal environment with Japanese people living in Hungary. There are also several similar events held by the Confucius Institute.

Budai András - Japán (BA)
Hargitai Döniz - Japán (BA)
Nagy Márk - Kínai (BA)
Varga Kincső - Kínai (BA)
Csicsek Zoltán - Kínai (BA)
Kiss Klaudia - Kínai (BA)
Rapcsák Balázs - Kínai (BA)
Tímár Gabriella - Kínai (BA)
Dobos Krisztina - Koreai (BA)
Pataki Petra - Koreanisztika (MA)
Patkó Gábor - Koreai (BA)
Wodianer Nemessuri Farkas Balázs - Tibeti (BA)
Pecze Ágota - Japanológia (MA)