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BA and MA students of Korean studies can choose from several scholarships.

BA students with excellent results and MA students can apply for the six-month advanced language training scholarship offered by the Korea Foundation. For further details please see www.kf.or.kr.

Both BA and MA students can apply for summer school programs and part-time training courses at the Academy of Korean Studies. For further details please visit www.aks.ac.kr.

BA students finishing their studies can also apply for a full MA program at a Korean university of their choice with the support of the scholarship provided by the government of the Republic of Korea (KGSP). Application can be made directly through the desired university or with the help of the Korean diplomatic agency. For further details please see www.studyinkorea.go.kr.

Besides these opportunities there are several private universities providing summer school programs for a tuition fee (further information regarding these can be obtained at the Department of Korean Studies).