ELTE Institute of East Asian Studies

1088 Budapest Múzeum krt. 4/F



For details on scholarships please see:


PhD program, governmental scholarship:

Twelve-month advanced professional program, scholarly research. The criterion is a university diploma. Research can be can be carried out in any scientific field. Professional Vietnamese or English language knowledge is required.

Financial support:
- Hungarian Scholarship Committee
- Travel costs

Host country:
- insurance
- college accommodation
- scholarship: 2,300,000 VD monthly

Part-time program:

Ten-month language program for students with ongoing university studies. Three students can receive the scholarship in Hungary each year, students of East Asian studies are preferred. Studies during the program focus on Vietnamese language and literature.

Financial support

Host country:
- travel costs grant
- insurance
- college accommodation
- allowance: 1875,000 VD monthly